We create stories

Stories make the world go round. They entertain; they connect; and most importantly, they convey your messages to an open, receptive audience.

We're all surrounded by beautiful stories in our daily lives, but not everyone is a storyteller. 

That's why eisodos is here!


Our thoughtful, inspirational, and breathtaking content engages your audience with your unique story.

From script to screen, we create engaging video content to convey the right message to your target market.




Pre production

Our specialist researchers and producers bring ideas and innovation to develop your script to perfection.




Our talented and experienced production teams film dynamic footage with beautiful sound for your video.



Post production

Our editors and post-production team pull everything together to produce inspirational videos that truly tell your story.

We're a dynamic, energetic, and multilingual production company, making the most of our location in Brussels, the capital of Europe.


From European communication agencies, to national governments, our clients appreciate our open and effective communication, which makes every process more straightforward and efficient.

While we're focused on audiovisual production, we have a strong professional background in media and content creation.


This means we're able to go in-depth into your audience's needs, using the right technology and techniques to capture their hearts and minds.

Some of our work

eisodos appeals on an extensive network of professionals, working in (multi)media environment.

This expertise enables us to deliver on demand & high quality services.

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